Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chapter 9 part 2

It's good to be working on this again, but I need some feedback!





I think this is all fairly self explanatory, but one or two additional points:
  • I think the shape of the large left hand spiral needs refining which I would do as I couch the cord down. I think it would benefit from the internal spaces being bigger.
  • The lower picture shows the addition of a extra spiral to the right. At present it is the tracing paper shape I used to make the green spiral. Maybe one or two other "shadow" spirals? I quite like the shadowy quality it has.
  • In the photo the green spiral looks as if it has just been plonked on top. Maybe I need to think about some straight stitching on the other spiral(s) to echo the wire wrapping on the green spiral. Maybe they are simply shadows entirely defined by the straight stitches.

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