Thursday, 16 September 2010

Chapter 9 second attempts

In her tutorial for Chapter 9, Sian suggested that I should work the two
reverse applique samples using an identical stack of fabrics to see how different they turn out.

Both these samples (about 12cms square) are made with an identical stack, with the green silk on the bottom, then orange cotton, dark brown cotton printed with green, cream cotton and finally terracotta cotton on the top. In the left sample, the first stitching line is the outside line with the fabric cut away inside the line, and in the right sample, the first stitching line is the inside line with the fabric cut away outside the line.

They certainly are very different!

Sian also suggested various ways to improve the chenille sample, and I have made three samples. For the first time ever, I have produced some chenille samples that I am happy with!

This first sample is a pile ( about 10 layers) of different fabrics, including net, dress brocade, organza and an orange vegetable bag. In the top right half of the sample, the stitching lines are about half a centimetre apart, and in the bottom half the stitching lines are a good centimetre apart. I am really pleased by the amount of fray, particularly the orange vegetable bag, and the amount of the underneath fabric that shows.


This second sample is made from a series of offcuts laid randomly over the base fabric. I tried to keep a similar thickness throughout. On the top of the scraps, I laid 5 pieces of fabric, including net and dress brocade, with an organza on the top. All the stitching lines are a centimetre and a half apart. I am pleased with the amount of fray, although more distressing would make it better!


This final sample has about 8 layers, including space dyed cheesecloth, net, a gold fabric and organza. The machine lines are 2 cms apart. In the bottom left side of the sample, I have made the slashes equidistant from the stitching lines, and in the top right side of the sample, I have made the slashes closer to one stitched line than the other, alternately, so I get left with a wide strip and a narrow strip. This sample has frayed beautifully, particularly the gold. I love the way the wide strips stand up beautifully in comparison to the narrow strips, which are tucked down in between.


I think the edges of all three samples are really interesting, some of the layers are different sizes from the rest, and I find the resulting colour changes really interesting. All three samples are about 28cms x 20cms.