Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Module 3 Chapter 1

Research for Spirals - man-made and natural

I started by googling    "spirals" and found this beautiful collection of spirals, both man-made and natural.  This includes images of plants, spiral staircases, and artworks.

Next, I googled "spirals in nature", "spirals in architecture",  and "spirals in shells", all of which produce a huge  and bewildering array of beautiful  images of spirals.

Spirals are everywhere - I need to try and concentrate on some particular areas!

Step 2 was to try and find a definition of spiral:



I decided to start by looking at Maori art (having spent a wonderful holiday in New Zealand a few years ago and spent quite a lot of time looking at Maori art while we were there):



Now a few images from nature, plants first, and then some ammonites.




Finally architecture. I've only included one image here - a page removed from a magazine many years ago. I think its a picture of the stairs in Coco Chanel's flat in Paris. I find it fascinating, probably because of the strips of mirror on the wall fracturing the reflections..


I am fascinated by this image and by the many images of circular staircases in the "spirals in architecture" link above.  I am planning to start work on Chapter 2 by making a series of drawings based on these images.