Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Module 2 Chapter 8 - a few extras

Following a very thought provoking critique from Sian, I decided to explore a few things in Chapter 8 a bit more.

Firstly Sian suggested making the fabric insert in the seam act as a transition between 2 different fabrics. Below are 2 attempts.


Next, to try and make the join on one particular sample (image 2.8.3 in the main Chapter 8 post) more important but keeping the shapes of the pattern.


And finally to make some strips that are more organic.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Module 2 Chapter 8

Not what it seams!

First, a series of inserts into seams to decorate them.







Then a series of decorated strips and ribbons.



And finally cords and toggles.


Summer School at Urchfont Manor

Every summer, Distant Stitch runs a summer school at Urchfont Manor in Wiltshire. Urchont Manor is a beautiful 18th century house set in extensive grounds. It's a lovely place to stay, and the food is delicious - important when you are working hard.

It was lovely to meet Sian and so many fellow students and put faces to blogs!

The group I was in spent two and a half days working with Jan Evans, a wonderful, inspiring and generous tutor, who showed us how to apply texture, colour and pattern to fabric, using emulsion paint, acrylics, print blocks and rubbings. We didn't start stitching until well into the afternoon of the second day!

At the end, we all had to put together a small display of our work to share with each other and the other group - this is mine.

Below are strips of samples made by painting patches of white emulsion paint on to calico, embedding bits of scrim into the paint to create texture. The top right sample has had a little bit of ochre (from Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean) added to the emulsion paint. Once the paint was dry, rubbings (on tissue paper made with wax crayons and Caran Dache watercolour pencils) were applied using soft gel matte medium.

The fabric for the three remaining samples was made using white emulsion paint to create marks and textures on a piece of calico, and then painted with acrylic paint when dry. Texture and pattern was then applied using soft gel matte medium, and finally a little bit of embroidery.

An excellent if intensive few days (it took me a couple of days to recover), I really enjoyed the techniques. I can't wait for next year!