Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Module 1 Chapter 11

Resolved Sample - Growth and Disintegration

Growth and Disintegration is the theme for the Module 1 resolved sample, which has to use any of the techniques from this module.

First and second thoughts - paper experiments and paper shapes.
The first series of samples explore different ways of making a piece of paper disintegrate, and the second series of samples explore disintegrating a paper shape by tearing it in increasingly complex ways to make it appear to disintegrate.






Third thoughts - disintegrating a piece of fabric



Making shapes appear to disintegrate by means of stitchery.


The left hand sample (37cms x 18cms): all three stars are the same star shape with two echoing lines. I used reverse applique to stitch each star on either the outside line (bottom star), middle line (centre star) and inside line (top star), and then used running stitch on the other lines. I used a darker thread for the lines inside the shapes, and a lighter thread for the lines outside the shapes.

The central sample (32cms x 16cms): I applied the shapes I had cut out from the previous samples. In the bottom star I used seeding trying to vary the density of the seeding. In the middle star I used running stitch. I sprinkled the top star with bits of thread which I couched down.

The right hand sample (32cms x 19cms): Using the same star shape, I used a mixture of fraying and seeding to make the shapes disintegrate.

It was at about this point that I had another go at the chenille technique from a previous chapter, and wanted to try a sample with a star shape. I cut out a star shape and laid it on top of the pile of fabric before I stitched it, and then, after I had cut between the stitched lines, I stitched in some further strips to strengthen the star shape. This sample is 27cms x 21cms.

A bit of a diversion into experimenting with tyvek!



The resolved sample.
I wanted to try and incorporate reverse applique and chenille into the sample, and it developed from the little drawing below rather from a cut paper design.




This piece is 51cms across and 60cms long. I am reasonably pleased with it. The biggest problem was the "join" between the reverse applique and the chenille, and by cutting away some of the layers I have been able to reduce the impact.