Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Module 3 Chapter 9

A resolved sample

It's such a long time since I have done any work on this chapter, that to get started, I have decided to write up everything I have done so far, see what still needs to be done, and then set myself a target for completing it.

This module calls for a resolved sample based on spirals,  using at least two techniques from this module as well as techniques from the previous modules.

I've actually found spirals quite difficult, it took me a long time to come up with drawings and monoprints I was happy with - my old problem of being too literal, and not being spontaneous and free in the marks I was making.

So I revisited Chapter 2, and so as to get the relevant bits here in front of me, here are  a couple of the best drawings and monoprints from Chapter 2.




Just about at the same time as I was starting to think about this Chapter, Sian introduced the Summer drawing series of lessons, and I made this drawing using a torn spiral, both the positive and negative, as a mask.


I was really pleased with how free it was, and how interesting the overlapping marks were, so I continued to work in my sketchbook using some of the summer drawing lessons as inspiration. I tore up photocopies of some of my monoprints, added spiral scribbles, and printed direct to my sketchbook using a foam printing block I had made in an earlier chapter.

I printed on top of some of my "failed" monoprints from Chapter 2 and tore them up and tried to develop them with additional lines and scribbles, and generally enjoyed myself!







Some of these are more successful than others, but I was sufficiently pleased with the results to decide to try the same process in textile. I deliberately didn't set out to copy what I had done, but to try and replicate the processes.

Because of the way I had layered everything up, using reverse applique from Module 1 seemed a good place to start.

I made three pieces working very quickly to try and keep the spontaneity going. I used monoprinted fabric from earlier in the module, machine embroidered fabric from earlier in the module. I tried to work freely between the three pieces, adding bits I'd cut from one piece into another.




I was looking at them all sitting beside each other on my work surface, and I wondered about putting the three pieces together and trying to integrate them, so I pinned them together, and started to lay on a few cut pieces to start the integration process. 

That's how it went to Summer School, and my tutorial with Sian. We agreed that I should concentrate on one piece and we agreed 3.9.11.

And that's the last thing I did. Excuses I know, but despite my best intentions, I have been so busy with other things that I simply haven't been able to get any work done on this at all.

So what next? I've made photocopies of all three pieces and I'm going to try various options - maybe doing some more printing and doing more reverse applique; maybe making some wrapped pieces to apply; maybe making some spirals out of cords and applying them. I'm hoping that as I start to work, other ideas with present themselves. Having written all this, I am feeling quite inspired! 

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