Monday, 26 April 2010

Module 1 Chapter 7

Stitching at last - translating some of the layered designs into embroidery. All of these samples have scanned in well, except that the background colour in samples 2 and 5 are a bright lime green.


Friday, 9 April 2010

Module 1 Chapter 6

Bonding using bondaweb - first some samples of painting on bondaweb.


This is a series of bonded decorative fabrics.
The top left sample and the middle right sample are both made using the same red base fabric, covered with snipped pieces of the same fabrics, but with a different fabric laid on top. In the case of the top left sample, it is a gold organza, and the middle right, it is cream net.
The base of the top right sample is pale pink tissue paper. It is sprinkled with narrow strips of cellophane and snipped threads, and the top layer is a pale orange twinkle organza.
The middle left sample uses the pale orange twinkle organza as the base, is sprinkled with the same cellophane strips and snipped threads, and is topped with cream net.
The bottom 2 samples both use a lime green dress lining as the base. The left sample is sprinkled with various threads between 4cms and 8cms long, and is topped with the cream net. The right sample has painted bondaweb, long lengths of orange thread, and the top layer is the cream net.

Finally a series of samples interpreting some of the cut paper samples using bonding. At Sian's suggestion I have tried to create some asymmetrical designs, but I find it quite difficult. Sample 1 is a simple recreation of one of my cut paper designs. Samples 2 and 3 are symmetrical about one of the diagonal axes, but sample 4 is asymmetrical. I shall keep trying with the stitched samples in the next chapter!



Module 1 Chapter 5

On to fabric at last. Surprisingly, this collection of fabric all came from my stash. It is a variety of different sorts of fabric - plain cottons (bought from Ebay several months ago), silks (plain and slub), and various organzas. The fabrics in the green range, particularly those in the centre of the bottom row, have not photographed well - they have come out much bluer than they actually are.

The next task is to print on some of the fabrics, using the rubber print block made in an earlier chapter. At Sian's suggestion, I cut the block in half for some of the prints.