Friday, 20 April 2012

Module 2 Chapter 11 - Second thoughts

I mentioned to Sian that I'd noted that a lot of the images in my last post were very linear, so following her very useful suggestions, I've done some further work. I've had to but a new printer recently, and it has a photocopier and how much easier it makes producing lots of ideas almost as quickly as you can dream them up!

I started with image 9, made some diagonal cuts, kept the pieces in the same order and then shifted the strips up and down.


This is the same image, once again cut diagonally, but this time I turned some of the strips round before shifting them up and down. Not as much difference as I had anticipated.


Once again I started with image 9 from the previous post. I made 2 photocopies, laid them face to face and made a series of cuts through both layers. I then took alternate strips from each photocopy and laid them together in order without turning any round. The second image below was made using the remaining strips, but this time I turned each alternate strip round.



For this image I started again with image 9 from the previous post and overlaid it with some diagonal strips cut from image 8 from the previous post.


I wanted to try and change the scale, so I scanned the above image into my computer and using PSP 10 I selected a small area and printed it out larger. Then I overlaid it with some diagonal strips cut from image 7 from the previous post. The second image below has some additional vertical strips.



The next development was to try some torn rather than cut strips, and I decided I needed to try and get as much contrast between the two layers. So I started with image 1 from the previous post and overlaid it with torn strips from image 7 from the previous post, and then repeated it with image 2 from the previous post which was the darkest image.



Sian also made some suggestions for further steps to two of the fabric samples. So starting with image 19 from the previous post, I made some photocopies to see what I might do before I cut the textile sample. Firstly I made some horizontal cuts and shifted the pieces. Fot the second paper piece, I made diagonal cuts and rearranged the pieces having turned some of them round.



I liked the second one best, so decided to make similar cuts in the textile sample. I started to piece them back together using forward facing seams, but decided that was going to give me yet another series of strong lines which was why was unhappy about the sample in the first place! So I butted up the edges and joined them together with a simple zigzag stitch.


Now to tackle textile sample 21 from the previous post. First I made some horizontal cuts and rearranged them, then I made some diagonal cuts and rearranged them, and finally I made some slanting horizontal cuts, and rearranged them. I liked the second one best, so used that principle on the textile sample. I stitched the pieces back together again by butting up the edges and stitching together using a whip stitch with cream in the bobbin and black on the top.





Saturday, 14 April 2012

Module 2 Chapter 11

Further Design Exercises leading to fabric samples.

Because of other commitments, it's taken me a long time to complete this chapter. I've done it in fits and starts and it takes ages each time to pick up thought processes from where I stopped.

This first set of designs aims to show a series of different design elements.










The next series are the "stack and whack" method. For this first series, I chose 4 different papers, some of which were photocopies of earlier designs, so they are fairly fragmented even before the first series of cuts.




For this second series, once again I chose photocopies of earlier designs, and kept cutting and rearranging until the design was very fragmented.






I really enjoyed doing these "stack and whack designs."

Stitched fabric samples based on the paper designs
Stage A.

Rather than slavishly try to copy the paper designs in fabric, I tried to follow the techniques I had used, and spent quite a bit of time putting machine embroidery onto the fabrics. I used both my own printed and dyed fabrics as well as purchased fabrics.





For this final series of samples, I used the "stack and whack" techniques, starting with these 4 fabrics, all of which I embroidered quite heavily. I intended to photograph the results after each series of cuts, but got so engrossed in the process that I forgot after the first series of cuts!



These are the final pieces, photographed on both sides. Each piece is about 23cms x 17cms and I have deliberately kept them separate. I like them so much I am thinking about finding a way of hanging them in a vertical group.



Finally - Stage B

The final task in this module was to replicate the technique used for the final sample in the previous chapter, only this time to use patterned and decorated fabrics.

I started with 2 strips both of which were about 10cms wide x 45cms long. I constructed one strip from 2 light fabrics embroidered with white and the other strip from 2 darker fabrics embroidered with black. Both can be seen in the top section of the sample. I put one more cut than suggested in the second section, and made several cuts in the final section. I took a wire brush to the final section just to create a bit more texture.

I really enjoyed making these last two samples. I've been working on and off (well more off than on!) on a series based on some drawings I made of vineyards in the Rhine Gorge, and these techniques have great potential to take me a bit further - time allowing of course!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Completely bogged down!

I've been completely bogged down for weeks - months even. Its taking a huge amount of time to keep my two embroidery groups going, and its leaving very little time for anything creative. It's the money I make from the groups that enables me to continue studying, but it's a bit frustrating I appear to have so little time. I need to try and manage my time better. I have been making slow progress with my current chapter, but I need something to give me a kick start.

I started making an altered book several weeks ago on a visit to Swindon. I've been drawn to winter hedges for some time and plan to use that as a theme for the book. It will probably extend to winter trees as well.

I made this little sketch on the back of my shopping list while I was waiting at the bus stop. Unusually I didn't have my camera with me, which forced me to draw.

I shall try and go back in the next day or so to take some photos, and to have a look at the deeply veined tiny leaves all round the edges.