Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Module 1 Chapter 8

This chapter is about creating more complex samples using bonding, hand and machine stitching and padding.

This first sample uses painted bondaweb and hand and machine stitching. I am really pleased with its delicacy.


For this second sample, I started off with the square of painted bondaweb from which I had cut the shape I used in the first sample. Its quite heavily stitched and has been padded trapunto style from the back using tapestry wool.


This next sample doesn't contain any padding, although the organza has distorted from being torn into strips and has quite a three dimensional quality.


Sample 4: Once I scanned this in to my computer, I noticed the little dashes of tan colour between the green running stitches, which are much less noticeable in the sample itself.


I really enjoyed making sample 5. I am lucky enough to have been given an embellisher which I have never really got to grips, because I have never given it the time needed. I like the colours of this sample, and I like the way the cut shapes have distorted a bit as they have gone through the machine. I decided to let them. I am also pleased with the quilted effect the hand and machine stitching has created.


I also enjoyed making this last sample, which has got a bit flattened in the scanner - it is much more three dimensional than it appears.