Monday, 29 June 2015

Module 3 Chapter 9 Resolved sample

I've made heavy weather of this chapter, indeed I've found this whole module a struggle - I was never happy with my spiral drawings in the early part of module and it's just gone on from there!

I've just been reading Judith Aylett's blog about learning from your mistakes, and it's true - I have learnt a lot about processes while doing this chapter. I've always found it difficult to translate a design into stitch. I can happily make samples until the cows come home, but set me a "resolved sample" or a "assessment piece" to do, and I lose all my confidence and I struggle.

One of the things Judith says in her blog, is that if you are unsure about a piece, prop it up in a place where you will keep seeing it from the corner of your eye. I think it is important to let a piece speak to you about what to do next.

That's what I did at the end of my last post, and it didn't take me long to realise that neither of the two lower spirals that I printed on using a thermofax screen were working - despite the fact that I had liked it initially, the black one was way too dark, and had lost its delicacy, and the magenta one needed definition.

So, I printed a couple of spirals onto calico, cut them out and applied them over the top of the printed ones using straight stitches to echo the printed marks. I used perle 5 threads, 2 magenta, a gungy green and black. Using the green, I stitched over the central green spiral to moderate its colour. Finally I stitched the top spiral on with small stab stitches.

And I think that's it! It certainly has the feel of the original paper pieces without slavishly copying them.


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  1. Hello sheila, I will go to Judith's blog and read it for I am learning from mistakes for one of my samples in mod 4 ch 6, I don't think I'm the only one who is struggling with this! It's partly carelessness on my part but also the result of some worries i have at present. So you're not alone, keep on going. I'm just about to start this sample again - hopefully with a better result following reflection.